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Steven J. Litvack P.A. March 1, 2022

Under Florida laws, insurance carriers have obligations to thoroughly investigate, negotiate, and settle all injury claims filed by plaintiffs and policyholders in good faith. However, not all insurers comply with this. Some insurers use different bad faith tactics such as lowballing, denying valid claims, misrepresenting the law, offering low settlements, or unreasonable delays when settling claims.

If the insurance provider has denied or is negotiating your injury claim using bad faith tactics, you must hire a skilled Florida personal injury attorney to help protect your best interests. At Steven J. Litvack P.A., I have devoted my career to providing experienced legal services and advocating for the rights of injury victims and their families.

As your legal counsel, I will have the opportunity to investigate the conduct of the insurance company thoroughly and determine whether your claim was affected by bad faith tactics. Using my extensive experience, I will seek to hold the insurance carrier liable for their bad faith action and help you receive your deserved financial justice. My firm proudly serves clients throughout Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Common Bad Faith Tactics

Bad faith tactics involve the deceitful, unethical, or unfair practices used by insurance carriers to deny, undervalue, or delay payments of valid injury claims. Due to the bad faith tactics of insurers when settling injury claims, many injury victims and claimants often suffer and are left to bear the financial burden of their personal injuries. Below are some of the most common bad faith tactics used by insurance companies:

Lowball First Offer

Lowballing involves offering an absurd amount that is lower than the true value of an injury claim. Many insurers employ this bad faith conduct to frustrate plaintiffs. Unfortunately, many claimants are pressured into accepting the insurer's first settlement offer due to accumulated medical bills and financial hardship.

Essentially, settling your injury claims without reaching the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is never advisable. The MMI is the stage where your condition can't be improved any longer. Your lawyer is in the best position to determine the full magnitude of your bodily injuries, property damages, and other losses suffered.

Failing to Conduct an In-Depth Investigation

Furthermore, insurance providers must investigate injury claims for benefits before denying such claims. Surprisingly, most insurers do not carry out any investigations. Rather, they are quick to quote comparative fault to undervalue or deny the amount of financial compensation that will be available to the plaintiff.

Long and Needless Delays

This is another bad faith tactic used by insurance providers. Florida laws require insurance carriers to accept or deny claims within a reasonable time, usually within 90 days. Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to delay injury claims unnecessarily by failing to acknowledge, respond, investigate, or offer a fair settlement. Their endgame is to test your resolve, frustrate you, and see whether you'll stop seeking your injury claims.


Also, insurance providers are expected to act in good faith – be completely honest and transparent in their statements about the policy. The insurance policy's legal terms and what is covered must be unambiguous. In contrast, some insurance carriers intentionally misrepresent the policy's coverage or interpret the policy language against the plaintiff. This is a bad faith tactic.

Others: Some other examples of insurance bad faith tactics include:

  • Offering considerably less money than the actual worth of a claim.

  • Denying valid injury claims without giving any solid reason.

  • Refusing to pay a valid claim.

  • Making threatening statements to policyholders or third parties.

  • Hiding vital details or using deceptive practices to avoid paying the plaintiff.

  • Declining reasonable requests for documentation from policyholders.

Never leave your fate in the hands of claims adjusters and insurance providers who wouldn't protect your best interest. Call Attorney Steven J. Litvack today to get the knowledgeable advocacy, guidance, and compassionate representation you deserve in your personal injury claims.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You

Being involved in a negligent accident can be emotional and unsettling. The entire situation can be even more depressing if the insurance provider denies your valid claims or defaults on their contractual obligations. Fortunately, accident victims can take legal action against insurers negotiating in bad faith. An experienced personal injury attorney can explore your available legal options and determine how to proceed with your insurance claims or hold the insurer liable.

I am Attorney Steven J. Litvack, an invaluable advocate to clients in complicated personal injury matters involving bad faith insurance and tactics denied claims. As your legal counsel, I can evaluate every aspect of your case, investigate the insurer's actions and conduct, and help you understand your possible legal options. Also, I will collect factual evidence to establish that the insurance carrier acted in bad faith and take appropriate legal action against them.

If the insurance company has denied your valid injury claim or negotiated using bad faith tactics, you may take legal action against them. Contact my firm, Steven J. Litvack P.A., to schedule a simple case assessment with a skilled personal injury attorney. I proudly represent plaintiffs throughout Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach County, Florida.