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Young People Fighting in A Dark Tunnel


Steven J. Litvack P.A. Jan. 27, 2022

Under Florida law, assault and battery offenses involve threats of attacks, offensive physical contact, physical attacks, and intentionally causing bodily harm to another person. While a fight may not seem like a big deal, the incident may eventually lead to an arrest with the defendant charged with assault, disorderly conduct, or battery. If you've been arrested for getting in a fight, retaining a skilled Florida criminal defense attorney immediately is imperative to help build your defense.

At my firm, Steven J. Litvack P.A., I'm dedicated to protecting clients facing assault and battery charges from the worst possible punishment. As your legal counsel, I can investigate all of the facts of your unique situation and strategize a strong defense in pursuit of the best possible outcome for your case. Using my extensive knowledge, I will fight vigorously to protect your rights and dispute the allegations against you with substantial evidence. 

My firm is proud to represent clients in Boca Raton and throughout the state of Florida, including Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, and Coconut Creek.


Fighting can lead to serious criminal charges, even if two people mutually agree to fight each other. An individual arrested for fighting in Florida may face disorderly conduct or battery charges.


According to Florida statute, any individual who engages in brawling, fighting, or engaging in such conduct as to constitute a breach of the peace or disorderly conduct will be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.


In Florida, the offense of battery occurs when a person:

  • Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the person's will, or

  • Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about the possible penalties and consequences of a criminal charge and help build your defense.   


If convicted of disorderly conduct or battery, depending on the surrounding circumstances, the defendant may be facing massive fines, lengthy imprisonment, a criminal record, and other devastating, life-changing consequences. 

Therefore, you must act quickly and retain an experienced lawyer to help investigate the surrounding facts of your case thoroughly and strategize an effective defense to fight your charges.


If you're arrested for fighting and facing assault, disorderly conduct, or battery charges in Florida, your attorney can fight your allegations using any of the following defenses:

Self-defense – You acted in self-defense.

Defense of others – You were acting in defense of another person.

Provoked – The victim's actions provoked you.

Defense of property – You were justifiably defending your property.

Lack of proof – The allegations cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubts.

Mutual combat – Both parties willingly agreed and equally participated in the physical altercation.

No fight occurred – There was no physical altercation, combat, or fight.

A skilled attorney can review and investigate every detail of your case, enlighten you about your legal options, and determine your best defense strategy.


Getting involved in a fight can have both physical and legal implications. If you have been arrested and indicted with assault or battery, you need to hire an aggressive and highly-skilled criminal defense attorney for proper guidance and to determine your best possible defenses.  

At Steven J. Litvack P.A., I have the expertise, diligence, and resources to defend and represent individuals arrested for getting into a fight. Using my in-depth legal understanding, I will help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system and guide you through every stage of the legal process. As your legal counsel, I will fight aggressively on your side to uphold your legal rights, attempt to establish your innocence, and increase your chances of a brighter tomorrow.

Facing assault or battery charges can be terrifying. Contact my firm – Steven J. Litvack P.A. – today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a skilled assault defense attorney. I can offer you the knowledgeable legal counsel, reliable advocacy, and vigorous representation you need to fight your charges. My firm is proud to represent clients in Boca Raton and throughout the state of Florida, including Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, and Coconut Creek.