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Defend Your Reputation After a Drunk Driving Arrest

Build your case with a DUI attorney in Boca Raton, FL

It only takes a split second for red and blue lights to start flashing behind you, and when they do, your life changes. Being arrested for drunk driving takes stress levels to an all-time high. However, consulting a DUI attorney is the best way to advocate for yourself. I'm Steven J Litvack, PA, and I've been defending clients in the Boca Raton, Florida area for more than a decade.

You should never face DUI charges on your own. Work with me to build your case. Set up an appointment today to get started. Call (561)-400-8441

Drunk driving comes with serious consequences

Hiring an attorney is the best thing you can do when facing a DUI charge. Depend on me to handle your case. I always have your best interest in mind, whether that's advocating for you in court or negotiating a plea bargain on your behalf.

DUI charges can result in...

  • Additional points on your license
  • The loss of your license
  • Significant fines and fees
  • An insurance premium increase

As your DUI attorney, I will fight to defend you every step of the way. Go over your options with me today by calling (561)-400-8441 .